I know I have fallen off the face of the earth, but sometimes that happens. I have moved and managed to get a job. I have been working the past three days and finally have a day off. The job is hard but with enough prednisone I am doing it.
Wick Davis from LFA Blog sent me an email yesterday asking to see if I could send my readers over to the LFA Blog. Well I encourage everyone to go check out what they have been talking about. Did you know that it has been 50 years since the FDA has approved a new drug for Lupus. This is unacceptable. Why are we curing cancer ten times over but we can't even get a new flippin drug. The current treaments are mostly off lable. Why isn't SLE important enough to spend the moeny on?????

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  1. girl I hear ya.
    one of my first blog posts was about this, and how we need a celebrity to "admit" to having lupus.
    it's my theory that people are freaked out by chronic illnesses because you are never cured, so you never really get better, so it must feel like a bottomless pit/ hopeless cause to those around us. As opposed to something more finite (there's an end to it) like cancer. most people figure with cancer you either get better or die but you don't just linger on for decades in various states of misery and disability.

    here's my celebrity article with a list of a few known people who have lupus: