Lobster Claws

I need to blog more. I was doing really good the 1st month but life has gotten hectic. Sometimes that's a good thing and other times it ends up with me unable to do ANYTHING! So I am writing this blog with 'lobster claws', this is what I affectionately call my hands when they are swollen beyond recognition. I know my hands are in there somewhere, but at the moment they are foreign objects attached to my body and no one told me how to use them.
I knew this flare was coming. I mean Tuesday I acted like I didn't know what lupus was and work my butt off. It was the only day Daddy Z had off, so we did everything. Then yesterday I did 12loads of laundry. No, I wasn't that far behind. I cleaned out our storage unit and had to wash all the clothes that were in there. I am paying dearly for all my effort but I am glad most of the work is done.
Pooh's 1st week of school went great. She is enjoying it more than I expected. So far she has learned that you don't talk in the hallways. Which for her is a BIG step, she talks all the time. She will talk to anyone. Rabbit had been at home with me. I've been enjoying the time together. We are learning our colors and numbers. I figured I could take this opportunity to find out if I had the patients to homeschool. We are still looking for a curriculum that we like. I want to give my girls every chance to excel.
I have decided that I want to learn Gaelic. I am of Scottish decent and have always loved to learn languages, so I am going to learn Gaelic. Its one of the more confusing languages I have seen but I am excited about it. I am also brushing up on my French and German. I want to teach the girls all of the languages I know before they get much older. They say its easier to teach them young.


  1. Anonymous21.8.08

    Man I so feel your pain. When I am feeling good I work like a mad woman cuz I never know when that moment will come again....but then I live for the next few days or weeks regretting it. Lupus has changed my life in so many ways..but I can't say all is negative. I had been wondering for so long what was wrong with me, and to finally know was a big weight off my shoulders. Now Ihave a team of great doctors who work with me and medications help somewhat. I live in AZ so the summers are horrible for me...the sun about kills me. Doing things with my kids is difficult cuz I am just physically zapped of strength during the summer months. But I live from day to day, moment to moment and do the best I can. It was great to read your blog. Keep up the good fight!

  2. I so understand about the rush of energy! Has anyone studied this. I also have SLE lupus diagnosed in 2000. My hands get like hot rocks and make it very hard to do what I love Knitting. My daughters are grown. It must be hard with young ones. Hope you feel better.

  3. Karen21.8.08

    I have two boys and I am going through the same thing. I have been in a wicked flare up for almost two weeks. I like the term Lobster Claws because that is what they are! LOL! Thank you for doing this blog, it is sad that we all have to go through this but it is refreshing to know we are not alone.