Flares Suck... Arrrgggg...

Moving has been very hard work. We didn’t really have that much stuff to move but there has been lots of cleaning and such. The girls got to come Home for one night. This morning I got up to watch them while Daddy Z went to work and found out that I am flaring. Who wasn’t expecting that. Well Daddy Z got the girls taken care of so I could sleep a few hours and see if I could feel better. I got a grand total of 30mintues of sleep, then woke up to the house being quite as a mouse, this is odd because I had music playing, four fans going and all the noises that a normal house makes. I got up and found out that they had come and turned the power off. This was fine; I had all intentions of having the power turned into my name today. I got up and went to the power company. I took the lease it doesn’t have my name on it but it has Daddy Z’s, they will not put the power in my name until my name is on the lease. The landlord is out of town till Thursday. Arrrggg! So now I am flaring and still having to run around like I am not. I expect a hospital visit in my future.

School starts next Monday. I am a little worried that we aren’t going to be able to have all of Pooh’s school supplies before then, but I think I am going to ask her teacher if I would be better if we waited till the middle of the school year and then bring the supplies. They are still going to need them then so I don’t see this as a problem. I have been giving a lot of weight to homeschooling the girls. I know that I am going to let them both go to kindergarten, but the way kindergarten is taught is different than the other grades. Me and Daddy Z don’t believe everything that main stream society wants to teach our kids. In doing this I don’t want our girls to get in trouble for things that me and Daddy Z aren’t teaching them are wrong. I do have a couple of worried about homeschooling; the most significant is my health. Will I be well enough to get up and do it every day? I also worry about their need to be around other kids, but I have already enrolled them in sports outside of school and have friends with kids that they can be around. I will be doing more research and trying to find a curriculum that Me and Daddy Z agree on.

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