"Dig a tunnel... Dig, Dig a tunnel.."

For some reason that song is stuck in my head. Its the one for Lion King 1 1/2. I guess its all the work we have been doing the past day. We got a place, and we are currently moving in. Its very exciting, to have my own corner of the world again. Pooh and Rabbit now have their own space. They are going to share a room but it is huge. More than enough for two little girls, in fact they like sleeping in the same room. Makes them less scared of things. I have the weekend to get their room in order and then they will be Home.
I got a wonderful message from another blogger. I read her blog daily. She has awarded me the "Arte Y Pico" blog award. I am surprised and honored. It is nice to know that at least one other person is reading my blog. I am to pick 5 other blogs and give them the same award. I will do this as soon as I get time to breath. I will also display the award when I figure out why its not letting me do that now.

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