When is school starting?

Today is Rabbit’s birthday. She is 4years old. Wow, I’m getting old. This is not a statement of lament but rather joy, “I have made it this long”. Hopefully she will be starting school in two weeks, with her sister. I know it feels a bit young but I like her being able to interact with the other children. If the class is to full then she will be at home with me for another year. I would love to have her at home. She is highly intelligent; I just worry that she might get bored with just Mommy. They both come home Monday. Today me and Daddy Z cleaned their room and got everything in order. We bought them ‘educational’ posters. Days of the week, months, shapes, money, and time are a few of the posters.

I have actually been in sewing mode today. It seems from my blog that I am always sewing but in reality I keep having to fight to make myself sit down and do it. I love to sew but everything I get set down to do it I remember the 15 other things that really need to get done. Today I have managed to finish curtains, curtain tie-back, and a dress. I will post pictures soon, I hope. I would like to finish one more dress before I go to bed tonight.

I received a letter from Medicaid. I had applied the girls for Allkids and myself for Medicaid. The letter stated that we made to low income for Allkids, so they are going to review us for Low-income Medicaid. I am all for whatever they can do for us. I must be to see a doctor soon; and not having the girls are insurance is just about to drive me crazy. The phone interview went well .The worker told me that she had 45days to review our case and give a decision. She also said it normally did not take that long. I am keeping my fingers crossed, if I do not get it I don’t know what I am going to do. I have some wonderful new issues that I need to have looked at ASAP.

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  1. When I signed us up for low-income Medicaid, it seriously only took her about a week to get us through the system. Going off of your last name? You should have the same worker as we do. She's nice enough. I wish you luck!

    Thanks again for the dress. I will be putting pics up for you asap. :)