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Wow… rental hunting is insane. I called 52, yes count them 52 numbers yesterday. I spoke to all of 10 humans, 42 machines, and found out that there are only 4 rental units available in our area. I am baffled by these numbers. Honestly I figure there would be tons of rentals available. Heck I would have settled for one, the one. We want something in town, so we could walk to where we needed to go (save gas money). Also I hate being out in the country, especially when I start getting really sick. People do not have the gas money to come out and spend time with us; and I do not have the energy to drive into town and see them. The only one in town that I have even found is priced outrageous for this area.

The girls were at home yesterday and today. The joys of motherhood, I never realize how quite it is when they are not here. I cut their hair yesterday, I personally don’t like long hair on young children due to the fact that they can’t take good care of it. I don’t want my children to be vain and have to worry about how their hair looks all the time, I want them to play, run around, and generally get messy. Pooh, my oldest, has hair to die for. Her hair is thick and lush, which is great except when you live in the deep south and it’s the middle of summer. I keep it short, but some seem to think that its boy-ish, my girls are far too prissy to be boy-ish. I have promised them that once they older that they can wear their hair however they want, I will dye or cut it anyway they want.

Well I have a long list of things that we want to get done today. So I am off and running, well limping swiftly.

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