Maybe... hopefully

So call number 60-ish has finally produced something as far as a housing situation. A landlord that likes us, and the we like. A rent that is within our budget. A location that we can do alot with. I know getting my hopes up is pointless but I can't help but want it to work out.

In other news I went today and had a quote set for my tattoo that I have been wanting for 5 years now. It is a very elaborate back piece. If taken to any shop it would cost about 600. The man I went and saw today said he would be able to do it for 250.00. I was floored! I have been looking at his work and he seems to be very competent. Now that we have the prospect of a house I going to have to put it off another month, but I plan on telling him tomorrow. So that way he knows whats going on. I can't wait!

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