Making Plans

I love the fall. I spend all year waiting for it to cool off so I can enjoy the outside. Heat and cold suck. So I am trying to make plans for ever weekend in Oct. So far I want to do the Zoo one weekend and the Pumpkin Patch another. I got my wheel chair out of storage. That will make the Zoo alot easier but I don't see it working at the Pumpkin Patch (err.)
Our theatre group is going to competition Oct. 22 thru 24th. I am so excited, but that is a grown up event, so the girls will have to be watched. Speaking of which I guess I need to ask someone to watch my girls. Lol...
My leg has a new pain, damnit. Not sure whats wrong with it, but if it starts going numb or doesn't get better soon I guess it will be another visit to the Dr. Can you have bursitis in your hip? I have a new Rheumy appointment for Nov. 9th. Fingers crossed that he will be nice and understanding. I hate Dr who look right thru you and dismiss your comments. They drive me nuts. I know what my body is feeling like and I don't need someone acting like I am lying. I already feel bad enough that I can't do everything everyone wants me to, no need to add to my feelings.

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