Sick Baby

My youngest is sick. She woke up yesterday with a fever and a dry cough. Today wasn't any better. Usually I wait and let her body fight it off but I don't want her to miss school. I took her to the dr and he gave her antibiotics (ugh!) and something for her cough. She should be good to go tomorrow.
Its such an issue having sick kids. When your a healthy mommy you don't think anything about your child being sick. You tend to them and go about your day. But when you have lupus then you have to worry about if you're going to get sick also. Don't get me wrong I still baby my babies when they are sick but sometimes the side effects can be hell.
Well going to take care of my baby, she doesn't act like she is sick so I have to go convince her that she has to rest.

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  1. Hope she has recovered by now!
    I am sure you are a great mommy!!