Sometimes life is funny...

I got my acceptance letter for SUSCC. I'll start in the fall as planned. Nothing big just kinda made me happy.
I am reading a great book. Its called Turn Coat by Jim Butcher, its the newest in the Dresden Files. I have loved the series, and have been waiting for this one to come out.
I took the time this morning to send out an email to everyone I know about the upcoming Walk for Lupus Now. I am ready to get off my ass! Maybe I can get some people together and raise some money. I was the 1st mass email I had ever sent out that explained SLE. I am sure many of my family members had no clue what it was. If nothing else I hope it sheds some light on to my situation for them.
I talked to Daddy Z today. It has been a long while since we have talked. It was nice. I am going to get to see Pooh for a week. Then Rabbit is going to spend the week with Pooh and Daddy Z. I haven't told her yet because I know she is going to be to excited for words.

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