The weather has gotten better; or rather it has stopped raining. I like the rain. From what I have heard it should start raining again in a few days from the hurricane coming our way.

I have been having a horrible, awful flare. I wish it would stop, but it seems to get worse. On the bright side I have been approved for low-income insurance. I can’t wait to have my doctors visit. I have never been so excited at the thought of taking 10pills a day. I also can’t wait for this flare to pass due to wanting a tattoo. I’ve been waiting for 5 years for this tattoo and finally I have the money and an artist that I trust. It is going to be beautiful. The tattoo is going to include two butterflies, one for each of my girls.

Last weekend the theatre group, WIT, that me and Daddy Z are apart of did its summer production. Ever summer we do collection of short, one act, plays. This year I was going to do a play and be production manager, but alas my lupus prevented me from doing what I love. I did get to help out when it came the performance day. It wasn’t the same. I am wanting to get better in time to be stage manager for our fall production. We haven’t pick it out yet but I am still excited about it!

This weekend one of Daddy Z’s best-friends are coming in. We are going to have a cook out late Saturday night. Most of the people we know, and hang out with don’t keep the same sleep schedule we do. So it may seem odd to some to have it at night, but to them/us it will work out better. I am really keeping my fingers crossed that anyone will come. I like having people around.

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  1. Hell we all came :P And had a good time... :)

    Thanks again...